(a) HALF SASHAY. Starting formation - couple. Partners exchange places without changing facing directions. Dancer on the right sidesteps to the left, while the other dancer on the left steps back, sidesteps to the right, then steps forward to rejoin partner.

(b) ROLLAWAY. Starting formation - couple. The directed dancer, or if not specified the dancer on the right, rolls across a full turn (360°) in front of the dancer on the left, as he sidesteps to the right - to exchange places. From a circle, unless otherwise directed, the ladies roll left across in front of the men.

(c) LADIES IN, MEN SASHAY: Starting formation - circle or line with alternating men and ladies. With all dancers facing in, the ladies step forward and pause, while the men move to the left behind and past one lady. Ladies step back and rejoin hands with the men. If the circle is moving to the right, the men sashay to the right.

STYLING: Hands held in normal couple handhold. Man and lady each use a slight pulling motion toward each other as they initiate the sashay movement. Rollaway: Handhold same as joined couples. Man should slightly pull lady as both man and lady reach to join hands and continue pulling motion with outside hand. Man steps back with left foot, to the side and across. Ladies In, Men Sashay: Men's hands in slightly up position ready to rejoin the ladies in the circle. Ladies should have both hands on skirt when moving to the center and momentarily bunch skirts before returning to the circle.

TIMING: Half sashay, 4 steps; Rollaway, 4; Ladies in, men sashay, 4.