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 1 June
El Camino Reelers Potluck Friday
[Mainstream, Plus, A-2]
7:00pm potluck supper; 7:30-10:00pm dancing St. Andrews United Methodist Church, 4111 Alma Street, Palo Alto
Caller: Michael Levy
 1-3 June
Cook's Barn Weekend
[A-2, C-1, C-2]
Cook's Barn, 9054 Eden Oaks Avenue, Orangevale
Caller: Ray Brendzy
Info: Arlene 916-988-8905
2 June
Bows and Beaus Ice Cream Fling Thing
7:30pm pre-rounds; 8:00-10:30pm Plus w/rounds John Muir Middle School, 1260 Branham Lane, San Jose
Caller: Jet Roberts
Cuer: Sue Harris
 3 June
SCVCA General Meeting
1:00-4:00pm IAMAW, 655 Vaqueros Avenue, Sunnyvale
 3 June
Rossmoor Squares "Load Your Boat with Chocolate" Hoedown [Mainstream with Plus tips]
2:00-5:00pm Rossmoor Event Center, 1021 Stanley Dollar, Walnut Creek
Caller: Lawrence Johnstone
Info: Barry 215-285-0854
8 June
PACE A2 Dance
8:00-10:30pm St. Andrews United Methodist Church, 4111 Alma Street, Palo Alto
Caller: Sandie Bryant
9 June
PACE C-2 Dance
11:00am-1:30pm; 2:30-5:00pm Grace Episcopal Church, 130 Muir Station Road, Martinez
Caller: Sandie Bryant
 9 June
Sunnyvale Squares Strawberry Festival
7:30pm pre-rounds; 8:00-10:30pm squares IAMAW Union Hall District Lodge 725, 655 Vaqueros Avenue, Sunnyvale
Caller: Eric Henerlau
Cuer: Barbara-Lynn Smith
Info: Roger 408-744-1021
10 June
PACE C3A/C3B Dance
11:00am-1:30pm; 2:30-5:00pm The Dance Connection, 2956 Treat Boulevard, Concord
Caller: Sandie Bryant
 15 June
El Camino Reelers Fun Night
7:15-9:30pm St. Andrews Church, 4111 Alma Street, Palo Alto
Caller: Eric Henerlau
 15 June
Advanced Squares of Fremont
7:30pm pre-rounds; 7:45-10:00pm A-2 w/rounds Warm Springs Community Center, 47300 Fernald Street, Fremont
Caller: Jet Roberts
Cuer: Dan and Allison Drumheller
Info: Mike Luna 408-866-9116
 16 June
Castaways Cracker Jack Hoedown [Mainstream]
7:30-10:00pm Resurrection Lutheran Church, 2495 Cabrillo Avenue, Santa Clara
Callers: Jim Osborne, Roger Smith
16 June
Tam Twirlers 40th Anniversary Dance
7:00pm pre-rounds; 7:30-10:30pm Plus/Mainstream with Advanced star tips Community Center, 618 B Street, San Rafael
Callers: Mike Seastrom, Eric Henerlau
Cuer: Dand and Allison Drumheller
Info: 415-997-3210
 20-23 June
[A-2, C-1, C-2 C-3A, C-3B, C-4]
Grand Wayne Convention Center, Ft. Wayne, Indiana
Callers: Sandie Bryant, Vic Ceder, Barry Clasper, Todd Fellegy, Anne Uebelacker, Dave Heffron, Ross Howell, Ben Rubright
23 June
SCVSDA General Dance
7:30-10:00pm St. Andrews United Methodist Church, 4111 Alma Street, Palo Alto
Caller: Harlan Kerr
 23 June
Lucky Steppers Slab Dance [Mainstream, Plus]
7:00pm pre-rounds; 7:30-10:00pm squares w/rounds The Slab, 9525 Mill Street, Ben Lomond
Callers: Mike Luna, Tork Clark
Cuer: Sue Harris
 27-30 June
67th National Square Dance Convention
Kansas City, Missouri
30 June
NCSDA Watermelon Feed Stampede
7:00pm Advanced; 7:30pm pre-rounds; 8:00-10:30pm alternating Mainstream/Plus w/rounds Morello Park Elementary School, 1200 Morello Park Drive, Martinez
Caller: Jet Roberts
Cuer: Kevin & Vicki Klein
Info: Karen Davis 925-686-3774 925-768-4904
30 June
SCVSDA/SCVCA Caller Appreciation Whing Ding
Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church, 728 W. Fremont Avanue, Sunnyvale
Callers: Keith Ferguson, Kurt Gollhardt, Diana Hilliard, Harlan Kerr, Bob Steele
Cuer: Sue Harris

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