Starting formation - facing dancers, facing couples, square, circle. (a) LEFT HAND STAR, (b) RIGHT HAND STAR. The directed dancers step forward and extend designated hands to form a left or right hand star. Dancers turn the star by walking forward in a circle around the center of the star. Turning distance of the star may be specified in fractions of one quarter, one half, three quarters, or a complete revolution.

STYLING: In a forward moving star inside hands should be joined in a "palm star" position (hands of those making the star at about average eye level - palms touching), arms bent at elbow. Men's outside arms in natural dance position, ladies' outside hands work skirt.

TIMING: 4 people, full around, 8; three quarters, 6; one half, 4; one quarter, 2. 8 people, full around, 16; three quarters, 12; one half, 8; one quarter, 4.