Starting formation - facing dancers (man and lady). Dancers step forward ending right side to right side and move around each other turning in a clockwise direction four or more counts. Dancers break out of the swing. The lady continues turning to her right until facing the same direction as the man, they form a couple.

STYLING: Men - left arm bent at the elbow, palm slightly up, right hand on lady's back slightly above the waist, posture should be erect. Ladies - right hand palm down on man's left hand, left hand on man's right shoulder, arm resting on man's right arm. Footwork: WALK AROUND - use short walking or shuffling steps around the central point. BUZZ STEP - right foot moves in small steps around the pivot point between the two dancers while the left foot pushes, as in a scooter motion. Ending position: Lady rolls off man's right arm blending smoothly to position for the next call or twirls (to a promenade position only - lady's option). To twirl, the man raises his left hand over the lady's head, holding lady's right hand loosely. Her hand revolves around his for stability as she turns clockwise moving down line of dance three steps, into a promenade position, joining inside hands on the 4th step. While the lady turns, the man will move forward down the line of dance to be in position for the promenade.

TIMING: Advancing skill, usually 4 to 8 beats of music, used at caller's discretion.