SCVSDA General Dance Program

Sample Teaching Orders

GDP is a dance program, not a specific teaching order. Instructors may teach the calls in whatever order makes sense to them. The teaching orders listed below are only samples to illustrate how the calls might be taught under various circumstances. Feel free to make use of them as they are, to modify them as you see fit, or to ignore them entirely and come up with your own approach.

Generic Teaching Orders for Weekly Classes of Various Lengths

These examples illustrate the range of class lengths through which GDP might be taught, using a weekly class format. How many calls can be taught per week will depend on many factors, including the number of hours available per week, the aptitude of the students, how regularly they attend, and whether they are expected to do any studying outside of class. These are labeled according to the number of teaching weeks -- they don't allow for more than one "intro night" or for additional review-only weeks.

Weekly Teaching Plans with Specific Features

Teaching Orders for Blast Classes