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Wondering what GDP is all about?
Start with the mini-FAQ or a short presentation.
For more details see the full GDP FAQ

SCVSDA General Dances

Saturday Evening
19 January

St. Andrews Church
4111 Alma Street
Palo Alto

Harlan Kerr

Solos and Couples Welcome - Solo Rotation Available

Square Dance Attire Optional

Refreshments included.

$10/adult - $5/youth


Planned Future SCVSDA
General Dance Dates

Saturday evening - 9 March 2019
Saturday evening - 6 April 2019

Additional GDP-Level Dances

(Not sponsored by SCVSDA - check flyers for schedule, pricing, and other features.)

Dates TBA


SCVSDA General Dances are for all dancers who:

  • have taken a class that specifically teaches the GDP Level, or
  • already dance the CALLERLAB Plus program (the program used at most clubs in this area) or higher, or
  • are attending any kind of beginner class that has taught all the GDP calls.   (Check with your class instructor.)

The GDP Dance Level

Dancing fun for everyone.

Popular calls from Basic, Mainstream, and Plus.

Learn in half the time it takes to learn Plus.

If you are currently dancing at a club in this area, you already know all the GDP calls!



Learning the GDP Level

If you already dance Plus, you already know all the calls of the GDP list!

If you already dance Mainstream, you only need to learn these additional calls.

New to square dancing? Sign up here so we can let you know when classes will be starting!
send us a message


Information for Callers

GDP Call List - calls in CALLERLAB order
GDP Call List - call names alphabetical
GDP Call List - all terms alphabetical
Differences from other lists.

GDP Calling Guidelines

One-Page Fact Sheet

Teaching FAQ

Sample Teaching Orders


Background / History

Proposal (November 2013)

Previous Versions of the List

Past Dances

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Last Updated 21 January 2019