Explode and anythingExplode and anything
 Explode the WaveExplode the Wave
 Fan the TopFan the Top
 Teacup ChainTeacup Chain
 Linear CycleLinear Cycle
 Peel OffPeel Off
 Spin Chain the GearsSpin Chain the Gears
 Split TwoSplit Two
 Dixie GrandDixie Grand
 Relay the DeuceyRelay the Deucey
 anything and Rollanything and Roll
 Follow Your NeighborFollow Your Neighbor
 Single Circle to a WaveSingle Circle to a Wave
 Flip the DiamondFlip the Diamond
 Ping Pong CirculatePing Pong Circulate
 Trade the WaveTrade the Wave
 Turn ThruTurn Thru
 1/4 Tag1/4 Tag
 Acey DeuceyAcey Deucey
 Do PasoDo Paso
 Load the BoatLoad the Boat
 See SawSee Saw
 Slip the ClutchSlip the Clutch
 Track 2Track 2
 Walk Around the CornerWalk Around the Corner
 All Eight Spin the TopAll Eight Spin the Top
 Allemande Left to an Allemande TharAllemande Left to an Allemande Thar
 Allemande TharAllemande Thar
 Eight Chain ThruEight Chain Thru
 Shoot the StarShoot the Star
 Single File PromenadeSingle File Promenade
 Spin Chain ThruSpin Chain Thru
 Wrong Way GrandWrong Way Grand
 Wrong Way TharWrong Way Thar
 Cross RunCross Run
 Cut the DiamondCut the Diamond
 Diamond CirculateDiamond Circulate
 Scoot BackScoot Back
 Separate Around n and Come into the MiddleSeparate Around n and Come into the Middle
 Circle to a LineCircle to a Line
 Dixie Style to an Ocean WaveDixie Style to an Ocean Wave
 Walk and DodgeWalk and Dodge
 Box the GnatBox the Gnat
 Pass to the CenterPass to the Center
 Spin the TopSpin the Top
 Square Thru on the nth HandSquare Thru on the nth Hand
 1/2 Tag1/2 Tag
 3/4 Tag3/4 Tag
 Cast Off 3/4Cast Off 3/4
 Centers InCenters In
 Couples HingeCouples Hinge
 Extend (general)Extend (general)
 Tag the LineTag the Line
 Tag the Line directionTag the Line direction
 Trade ByTrade By
 Cross FoldCross Fold
 Box CirculateBox Circulate
 Ferris WheelFerris Wheel
 Half SashayHalf Sashay
 Left Square ThruLeft Square Thru
 Rollaway (circle, couple)Rollaway (circle, couple)
 Slide ThruSlide Thru
 Split CirculateSplit Circulate
 Star LeftStar Left
 Star PromenadeStar Promenade
 Star RightStar Right
 Couple Number nCouple Number n
 Extend (from 1/4 tag)Extend (from 1/4 tag)
 Ladies/Men PromenadeLadies/Men Promenade
 Reverse FlutterwheelReverse Flutterwheel
 Wheel Around (and make lines, general)Wheel Around (and make lines, general)
 Dive ThruDive Thru
 Touch 1/4Touch 1/4
 Wrong Way PromenadeWrong Way Promenade
 Couples TradeCouples Trade
 Partner TradePartner Trade
 Square ThruSquare Thru
 Trade (Boys, Ends, Girls)Trade (Boys, Ends, Girls)
 Separate Around n to a LineSeparate Around n to a Line
 Grand Swing ThruGrand Swing Thru
 Pass the OceanPass the Ocean
 Sweep 1/4Sweep 1/4
 Alamo BalanceAlamo Balance
 Alamo Swing ThruAlamo Swing Thru
 All Eight CirculateAll Eight Circulate
 Allemande Left in the Alamo StyleAllemande Left in the Alamo Style
 Arm TurnArm Turn
 Dosado to a WaveDosado to a Wave
 Left Swing ThruLeft Swing Thru
 Promenade (3/4)Promenade (3/4)
 Single File CirculateSingle File Circulate
 Step to a WaveStep to a Wave
 Swing ThruSwing Thru
 Wave BalanceWave Balance
 Wheel and DealWheel and Deal
 Allemande LeftAllemande Left
 Bend the LineBend the Line
 California TwirlCalifornia Twirl
 Chain Down the LineChain Down the Line
 Circle LeftCircle Left
 Circle RightCircle Right
 Couples CirculateCouples Circulate
 Courtesy TurnCourtesy Turn
 Double Pass ThruDouble Pass Thru
 First/Next Couple Go Left/RightFirst/Next Couple Go Left/Right
 Forward and BackForward and Back
 Four Ladies ChainFour Ladies Chain
 Grand SquareGrand Square
 Ladies In Men SashayLadies In Men Sashay
 Lead LeftLead Left
 Lead RightLead Right
 Pass ThruPass Thru
 Promenade (1/2, home)Promenade (1/2, home)
 Right and Left GrandRight and Left Grand
 Right and Left ThruRight and Left Thru
 Star ThruStar Thru
 Trade (Centers)Trade (Centers)
 Two Ladies Chain (across)Two Ladies Chain (across)
 U-Turn BackU-Turn Back
 Veer LeftVeer Left
 Veer RightVeer Right
 Weave the RingWeave the Ring

Call definitions Copyright 1994-2003 by CALLERLAB, The International Association of Square Dance Callers. Permission to reprint, republish, and create derivative works without royalty is hereby granted, provided this notice appears.

Animated diagrams provided by Noriko Takahashi.

Animated drawings provided by Tokyo Square Dance Club.

TAMinations provided by Tam Twirlers Square Dance Club.

Class call list service provided by Santa Clara Valley Square Dancers Association.