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All Clubs within 20 Miles

By Day of Week

Most clubs in this area have restarting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

We will attempt to keep these listings updated but before visiting a club with which you are not already familiar we recommend that you check with that club for current details.

Note: Some clubs in this area are limiting participation to fully-vaccinated dancers. In addition, depending on the venue or other factors there may be mask requirements or recommendations. Check with the club for details.

Clubs with a listing shaded in green have resumed regular dancing at their listed location, day, and time.

Clubs with a listing shaded in yellow have resumed regular dancing but possibly at a different location, at a different time, or with additional restrictions. Do not rely on location/time info posted here - check with club for details.

Clubs with a listing shared in dark gray are known to not be dancing at this time.

Clubs with a listing shaded in light gray are ones for which we do not have information about their status. If you have definite information that a club has restarted (or will be dark for a while), please let us know.

 Galaxy RoundsPhase III-VHarris, Kremer, Scallon, SameshimaSunnyvale
Stanford QuadsPlus APDKerr, van MellePortola Valley
Star EightsA-2 APD EllingSan Jose
 Blossom Hill CloggersClogging EllingCampbell
Bows and Beaus (class)Plus ClarkLos Altos
Can-Do-ItsHandicapable CulliganFremont
 OutlawsA-2 APDKerr, Gollhardt, DecotSanta Clara
Ranchero SquaresA-2 ReelHayward
Top CatsC-3ADehn, Gingell
 CastawaysBasic, Mainstream, PlusClark, ThompsonSunnyvale
 El Camino ReelersSSD, Plus, A-2Gollhardt, Decot, Levy, Thompson, PoguePalo Alto
 Galaxy RoundsPhase II-IVHarris, Scallon, SameshimaSan Jose
 Mountain View SquaresBasic ThompsonMountain View
Pleasanton Singles and PairsPlus AmellDublin/Pleasanton
 Sage StompersPlusGierman, BrownSeaside
Swinging 21ersPlus ReelFremont
Belle SwingersA-2Dehn, Gingell, van MelleSunnyvale
Bows and BeausPlus ClarkLos Altos
Farmers and FarmerettesPlus OsborneNewark
 Rockin' JokersPlus PogueSan Jose
Cactus CornersPlus KuidisLivermore
Interlocked SquaresC-1van Melle, Dehn, GingellSunnyvale
Lucky SteppersPlusGollhardt, BrownSan Jose
 Musical SquaresA-2 HilliardSan Jose
Pioneer SquaresHandicapable SteeleSan Bruno
Skirts and FlirtsPlus JanssenHayward
Advanced SquaresA-2variousFremont
 Westminster SquaresPlus HilliardSan Jose
Castro Valley RebelsPlus Janssen
PACEA-2, C-1, C-2, C-3A, C-3B, C-4

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Last Updated 16 September 2023