Square Dancing at the Fair
August, Santa Clara County Fairgrounds
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The Santa Clara County Fair has typically been held at the beginning of August, although the size and format has varied from year to year. Some years, local square dance clubs have participated in "Dancing at the Fair" by dancing there on their regular club night. Some years all the dancing has been on one night.




Schedule of Events for the 2019 Fair Program

2 August 2019 - Friday

6:00-8:30pm SQUARE DANCING with some rounds
Callers: Tork Clark, Keith Ferguson, Jim Osborne, Roger Smith
Cuer: Anne Gracia

For info call: Jane 408-356-7796, Doris 408-255-0605

Flyer (PDF)


(Note: This map just shows the dancing location -- other features of the Fair vary from year to year.)

General information about the Fair can be found at: http://www.thefair.org/

"Dancing at the Fair" has been an annual tradition for many years.

Video from the 2016 Fair
"Rhythm of My Heart" (Clark)
"Good Old Summer Time" (Smith)
"I Don't Know Why" (Ferguson)
Video from the 2015 Fair
"Summer Sounds" (Smith)
"Sweet Dreams" (Clark)
"I Don't Know Why" (Ferguson)
"Take My Breath Away" (Osborne)
"Good Old Summer Time" (Smith)
"Hit The Road Jack" (Clark)
"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" (Osborne)
"First Thing Every Morning" (Smith)

Video from the 2013 Fair
singing call (Carnes)

Video from the 2012 Fair
singing call (Osborne)

Video from the 2007 Fair
Advanced Singing Call (Elling)
Plus Singing Call (Osborne)
Plus Singing Call (Rengarajan)
Basic Singing Call (Riegelhaupt-Herzig)
Plus Patter (Sybalsky)
Advanced Patter (van Melle)
Plus Singing Call (Sybalsky)
Plus Patter (Sybalsky)
Plus Singing Call (Ferguson)
Plus Singing Call (Reel)

Video from the 2006 Fair
Singing Calls
Patter Sequences
Youth Callers
Audience Participation
Phantom Dancers

Video from Earlier Fairs
2004 - patter sequences
2004 - audience participation
2003 - youth dancers

Photos of the 2008 Fair

Photos of the 2007 Fair

Photos of Earlier Fairs
(from club sites)

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Stanford Quads

Stanford Quads

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