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SCVSDA General Dances

Saturday Evening
8 May

St. Andrews Church
4111 Alma Street
Palo Alto


Strawberry Festival

Saturday, 8 June 2024 - St. Andrews Church

7:30-10:30pm alternating SSD and Plus tips

Harlan Kerr

Tork Clark


Solos and Couples Welcome

Square Dance Attire Optional

Refreshments Included

$15/adult, $8/youth


Alternating tips to welcome all dancers.

Two Levels
SSD - Social Square Dance - new CALLERLAB alternative entry level program
Plus - for dancers comfortable with all calls from the Basic, Mainstream, and Plus lists


About SSD

The SSD program was approved by CALLERLAB as an alternative entry-level program in 2021. It includes roughly 50 calls, and is almost exactly the same list as we were using for the "novice level" tips at General Dances in our previous three-level format.

Note that the SSD list is a proper subset of both Mainstream and Plus, so anyone who knows Mainstream will be able to dance the SSD tips, and anyone who knows Plus will be able to dance all of the tips.

For more information about SSD and its intended purpose, including how it is being used by existing clubs and being promoted to allow formation of new square dance groups, visit

New dancers who are taking a class teaching Mainstream or Plus are also welcome at General Dances as soon as they have learned all the calls of the SSD list. (This will generally be about halfway through a class that has a target of Plus, but check with your instructor for how this applies to your particular class.)

List of Past General Dances
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