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Jubilee Chairmen

19571stRae & Floss Worrell
19582ndRae & Floss Worrell
19593rdBill & Virginia Spencer
19604thEarl & Toni Callaway
19615thBob & Mary Lou Rader
19626thLloyd & Janice Stradley
19637thEarl & Toni Callaway
19648thBill & Ellen Brill
19659thJerry & Mary Stanley
196610thPaul & Lyla Games
196711thWalt & Joyce Eckhardt
196812thJerry & Mary Stanley
196913thPete & Lisa Gillingham
197014thRon & Darlene Skidmore
197115thJohn & Estelle Casey
197216thChauncey & Elsie Frederick
197317thRay & Geneva McConaughey
197418thMac & Mary McClure
197519thChauncey & Elsie Frederick
197620thBob & Lois Ferber
197721stBill & Bernice Stowell
197822ndJerry Mason & Cyndy Haddon
197923rdJerry & Ellie Murphy
198024thEstelle & John Casey
198125thLiz & Steve Hoover
198226thSue & Phil Harris
198327thLouise & Tom Mitchell
198428thRed & Reva Null
198529thHarold & Mary Beth Chambless
198630thDiane & John Andrews
198731stJeff & Barbara Beardsley
198832ndBarry & Sandy Binge
198933rdDon & Carol VanStraaten
199034thEstelle & John Casey
199135thJim & Jacqueline Harvey
199236thLouise & Tom Mitchell
199337thArnold & Carol Rose
199438thDenis & Cheryl Nechuta
199539thDon & Diane VanStraaten
199640thArnold & Peggy Rose
199741stCraig Hoffman
199842ndDennis & Sharon Sandau
199943rdBarry & Sandy Binge
200044thSue Lietz-Davis
200145thJim Davis & Sue Lietz-Davis
200246thJim Davis & Sue Lietz-Davis
200347thBarry & Sandy Binge
200448thMary Knoppe
200549thMary Gingell
200650thJim Davis & Sue Lietz-Davis
200751stJoe Dehn
200852ndJim Davis & Sue Lietz-Davis
200953rdJim Davis
201054thGary Evans
201155thJim Davis & Sue Lietz-Davis
201256thAnita Chen & David Westerman
201357thAnita Chen & David Westerman
201458thDonna Bookbinder & Sue Lietz-Davis
201559thAnita Chen & David Westerman
201660thJim Davis & Sue Lietz-Davis
201761stJoe Dehn
201862ndMary Jane Wegener
201963rdJim Davis & Mary Jane Wegener
202364thMary Gingell
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