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SCVSDA Presidents

1957-1958Rae & Floss Worrell
1958-1959Bill & Virginia Spencer
1959-1960Earl & Toni Callaway
1960-1961Bob & Mary Lou Rader
1961-1962Lloyd & Janice Stradley
1962-1963Bill & Ellen Brill
1963-1964Jerry & Mary Stanley
1964-1965Rob & Marcie Fuqua
1965-1966Chet & Barbara Ridgeway
1966-1967Pete & Lisa Gillingham
1967-1968Erlean Rose
1968-1969Ron & Darlene Skidmore
1969-1970Carl & Dixie Dixon
1970-1972Mac & Mary McClure
1972-1973Marvin Palmer & Flo Koeller
1973-1974Jerry & Mary Stanley
1974-1975Bob & Lois Ferber
1975-1975George & Ann Holser
1976-1977Joe & Ione Yetka
1977-1978Charlie & Dot Ash
1978-1980Steve & Liz Hoover
1980-1981Phil & Sue Harris
1981-1982Wil & Millie Smith
1982-1983Red & Reva Null
1983-1984Liz & Steve Hoover
1984-1985John & Estelle Casey
1985-1986Louise & Tom Mitchell
1986-1987Barry Binge
1987-1988Louise & Tom Mitchell
1988-1989John & Estelle Casey
1989-1990Jim & Jacqueline Harvey
1990-1992Arnold & Carol Rose
1992-1993Lois & Joe Pava
1993-1995Arnold & Carol Rose
1995Hank & El Engel
1995-1996Byron Yoshimura & Peggy Briseno
1996-1998Barry & Sandy Binge
1998-2000Jim Davis
2000-2001Barry & Sandy Binge
2001-2003Mary Knoppe
2003-2006Barry & Sandy Binge
2006-2007Joe & Marion Pava
2007-2010Barry Binge
2010-2011Jerry & Debbie Janke
2011-2014Jim Davis
2014-2015Richard Boucher
2015-Mary Gingell
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Last Updated 4 December 2015