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Whing Ding Fifth Saturday Dances

31 January 2009John Muir Middle SchoolPresidents Ball 
30 May 2009John Muir Middle SchoolCaller Appreciation 
29 August 2009John Muir Middle SchoolSummer Beach Party 
31 October 2009John Muir Middle SchoolHalloween 
30 January 2010John Muir Middle SchoolPresidents Ball 
29 May 2010John Muir Middle SchoolCaller Appreciation 
31 July 2010Ben Lomond Slab  
30 October 2010John Muir Middle School  
29 January 2011John Muir Middle SchoolPresidents Ball[PDF]
30 April 2011Sunnyvale Presbyterian ChurchCaller Appreciation[PDF]
30 July 2011Ben Lomond Slab [PDF]
29 October 2011Sunnyvale Presbyterian ChurchHalloween[PDF]
31 March 2012Sunnyvale Presbyterian ChurchPresidents Ball[PDF]
30 June 2012Sunnyvale Presbyterian ChurchCaller Appreciation[PDF]
29 September 2012Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church [PDF]
29 December 2012Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church [PDF]
30 March 2013John Muir Middle SchoolPresidents Ball[PDF]
29 June 2013Sunnyvale Presbyterian ChurchCaller Appreciation[PDF]
31 August 2013Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church [PDF]
30 November 2013Resurrection Lutheran Church  
29 March 2014Sunnyvale Presbyterian ChurchPresidents Ball[PDF]
31 May 2014Burnett Middle SchoolCaller Appreciation[PDF]
30 August 2014Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church [PDF]
29 November 2014John Muir Middle School [PDF]
31 January 2015Sunnyvale Presbyterian ChurchPresidents Ball[PDF]
30 May 2015Sunnyvale Presbyterian ChurchCaller Appreciation[PDF]
29 August 2015Hoover Middle School [PDF]
31 October 2015Sunnyvale Presbyterian ChurchHalloweeen[PDF]
30 January 2016Sunnyvale Presbyterian ChurchPresidents Ball[PDF]
30 April 2016John Muir Middle SchoolCaller Appreciation[PDF]
30 July 2016Hoover Middle School [PDF]
29 October 2016Hoover Middle SchoolHalloween[PDF]
29 April 2017Hoover Middle SchoolPresidents Ball[PDF]
29 July 2017Loyola SchoolCaller Appreciation[PDF]
30 September 2017Sunnyvale Presbyterian ChurchPre-Jubilee[PDF]
31 March 2018Loyola SchoolPresidents Ball[PDF]
30 June 2018Sunnyvale Presbyterian ChurchCaller Appreciation[PDF]
29 September 2018Loyola SchoolPre-Jubilee[PDF]
29 December 2018Loyola School [PDF]
30 March 2019John Muir Middle SchoolPresidents Ball[PDF]
29 June 2019John Muir Middle SchoolCaller Appreciation[PDF]
31 August 2019Ohlone Middle School [PDF]
30 November 2019John Muir Middle School [PDF]
29 February 2020Ohlone Middle SchoolPresidents Ball[PDF]
dancing suspended due to COVID-19
31 July 2021St. Andrews ChurchCaller Appreciation Dance[PDF]
6 November 2021St. Andrews ChurchPresidents Ball[PDF]
29 January 2022cancelled due to Omicron surge
30 April 2022St. Andrews ChurchCaller Appreciation Dance[PDF]
30 July 2022St. Andrews Church [PDF]
5 November 2022St. Andrews ChurchPresidents Ball[PDF]
29 April 2023St. Andrews ChurchPresidents Ball[PDF]
29 July 2023St. Andrews ChurchCaller Appreciation Dance[PDF]
30 September 2023St. Andrews Church [PDF]
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