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Solo Dancers

Partner Contact System
Can you go square dancing if you don't have a regular partner?

Yes! The majority of clubs in this area do not require dancers to come with a partner, either for a class or for their regular weekly dancing.

"Solo" vs. "Single"

Some people use the word "solo" to refer to a dancer who attends an event without a partner, some people use "single". This can lead to confusion, since "single" also has the common meaning of not married.

There are many married people who attend square dance events as individuals. There are many unmarried dancers who do have a regular dance partner. There are also times when people who have a regular partner want to attend an event alone because their regular partners are temporarily unavailable.

This web site uses the term "solo" to refer to anybody who is attending a particular event without a specific partner for any reason.

At "singles and couples" clubs, some people normally dance with a regular partner but there are many others who don't have a regular partner. At other clubs, most people mix around whether they come with their spouse or other regular partner or not. And some clubs use a rotation system which assigns dancers to squares as individuals rather than as couples, so it makes no difference who came with you. Solo dancers can visit, regularly attend, or join any of these clubs and expect to participate in the full range of activities without any difficulty (assuming they are otherwise qualified to participate).

At the remaining clubs, while a solo visitor may be accommodated, it is often the case that a solo dancer will have trouble finding a partner, and club rules may require that members and other regular attendees come with a partner. Check with the individual clubs for details of their situation.

Hoedowns and Festivals

At some hoedowns and festivals it is more difficult to find a partner. At some events a solo dancer can expect to find enough other solo dancers that they will be able to dance as much as they want. At some events this may be difficult. Solo dancers should check with the club or other sponsor to find out how they accommodate solo dancers.

In general, the following types of events will be easier to attend without a partner:

  • dances sponsored by "singles" or "singles and couples" clubs
  • dances sponsored by gay clubs
  • large events that provide a solo area
  • newer-dancer hoedowns

Need a Partner?

If you want to attend an event where people are expected to come with a partner and you don't have one, please try the new partner contact system on our web site, which lets people in this situation get in touch with each other.

This feature is still experimental, so we'd like your feedback. Some things to keep in mind:

  • This system does not actually assign anybody a partner. This system does not screen or endorse anybody as a dancer or a partner. It is up to you to decide whether you want to dance with somebody.
  • This system allows you to say that you are willing to dance either the boy or girl part, and that you are willing to dance with a partner of the same sex. This does not mean that the sponsors of a particular event will be happy with that. It is up to you to know what is considered acceptable in this regard at any particular event.
  • Similarly, this system does not advise you about anything else about an event that might make it a good place for you or your prospective partner -- style of calling, price, dress requirements, refreshments. It is not a substitute for other knowledge about attending square dance events -- it is only a way to get in touch with people who might be interested in attending the same event.

Please send comments and questions to:

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Last Updated 25 June 2007